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Strategic Communications Services (SCS, Inc.) is a consulting business that provides a unique and integrative approach to the use of communications as a baseline for every aspect of business today. Working with Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and smaller emerging businesses, SCS, Inc. enhances business value and competitive positioning with targeting communications and marketing strategies. These services are provided while continually seeking creative solutions to specific business issues and managing corporate reputations.

Our Services are distinctive in approach. Working with corporations, Strategic Communications Services focuses on Hybrid Intelligence: merging the strengths of gender related differences in the workplace to enhance productivity and profitability. The successful implementation and coordination of newly learned communication skills and gender related information among senior management, mid-career, and new hires is key to making the workplace truly work for women, the men with whom they work, and businesses as whole.

Business Client Services   Workplace Transition & Advancement

The seminars and sessions focus on specific subject areas including:


  • How To Build your Network and Use It
  • Job Interview Techniques
  • Impressions and Perceptions
  • Hybrid Intelligence
  • Top Tier Communications Skills
  • Strategic Thinking Inside and Outside the Box
  • Gender Issues in the Workplace
  • Work Ethic for Today's Business Environment

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